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Sample of work: Online aged care training in medication assistance

This online course is an education package covering medication administration. It has been developed for direct care workers working in the rural and remote community and aged care sectors in Western Australia.

Elearning for assisting with the administration of medication

The course consists of seven elearning modules, each covering the administration of different types of medication e.g. inhalation, oral and transdermal. Learning modules include detailed and simple-to-understand medication assistance practices and procedures.

Elearning modules for aged care workers

Visual and interactive training designed for all learners

Each module is highly visual and interactive, and accompanied by voiceovers enabling learners with limited English or computer literacy to engage with the learning. The modules are easy to navigate and understand with content explained in simple terms.

Photographic scenario-based case studies

Unique to this project is the inclusion of real workers, clients and workplaces in the photographic case studies contained in the modules. This enables learners to see and hear their peers applying skills and knowledge in their interactions with real clients in familiar settings.

Scenario based elearning for aged care workers

Downloadable tips and information sheets

Information sheets with tips, checklists and procedures are available throughout the modules and can easily be downloaded and referred to offline and/or in the workplace.

Assessment dispersed throughout the modules

Each elearning module covers a different form of medication administration, which is assessed by a short quiz at the end the module. These results are stored in the client’s learning management system via the SCORM standard. This online assessment precedes the health worker’s annual practical competency assessment.

Assessment quiz at the end of each online module

Self-paced web-based learning

The online modules allow learners to fully prepare for their practical assessment in their own time, at their own pace and from their workplaces across the state of Western Australia.

The course can be accessed anytime from any location with an internet connection through its web-based delivery. This increases training opportunities for regional and remote health workers and carers.

What care workers are saying about the online medication assistance course:

“I found the package helpful to reinforce my medication administration skills and establish my scope of practice clearly as an unregulated healthcare worker. It was simple and easy to navigate, and I enjoyed the interactive style of learning, great course.”

“I have completed the seven courses for Medication Assistance (for the Unregulated Health Worker) and found them to be excellent. Thank you for making them easy to read and understand. The addition of audio was brilliant as I was able to follow the instructions and the “story” of the course with ease. Also, the fact that each course was short, but to the point, allows the concentration span to withstand. I now need to complete the practical part of this assessment. Thank you to you and the team for your great efforts.”


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Collaborative approach

The project involved an extensive phase of collaborative design with a diverse working group contributing their expertise and experience from their relevant health sectors across Western Australia. This significantly increased the client’s ownership of the project and its subsequent success.

The course was developed in collaboration with West Australian Community Health Services (WACHS) and West Australian Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) to provide training opportunities for their geographically diverse workforce in West Australia’s regional, rural and remote communities.