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How elearning courses are developed

Monday 10th February, 2020

The design and development process

Once you have your draft learning outcomes and a brief for the online course you require, the design and development of your elearning can begin.

The four phases of elearning design process

1. Discovery
2. Design
3. Development
4. Delivery

A 20 to 30-minute elearning course usually takes about 12 weeks from the contract signing to course delivery and consists of four phases: Discovery, design, development and delivery.

  1. Discovery
    The process of creating an elearning course starts with the 3-week Discovery phase. Beginning with your brief, learning outcomes and current content, we meet regularly (in person or by tele- or videoconference) with your staff, technical support, subject matter experts and users. In this phase we review course content, confirm project requirements, clarify the learning outcomes and user needs, develop strategies to manage project risk, and create a project plan.

  2. Design
    Once the learning outcomes and project plan have been signed off, we enter the Design phase. This four-week phase brings together subject matter experts and users with your existing content, style guide and branding, to write, design and test the content, storyboards, instructional design and user interface.

  3. Development
    Once the storyboards and interface design are signed off then the project enters the four-week Development phase. With continued input from the working group and user group, the modules are authored and programmed, media assets e.g. images and videos are sourced, infographics are designed, voiceovers are recorded and edited; and then all modules are tested across browsers and devices to produce the elearning modules.

  4. Delivery
    When the modules have been signed off then the project enters the Delivery phase. With input from the project manager and technical support, the modules are integrated into your Learning Management System, tested and launched. You receive the project documents and source files, and an evaluation is carried out three months after launch.
Documents to show elearning content conversion

Get content ready

Many clients come to us worried that their content may not be ready to transfer into an online course.

Don’t let this be a barrier.

Your existing content (including training material, processes, policies or guidelines) can be adapted to take full advantage of the online delivery.

We also have content creators who can source, update and edit new or existing content for your course.

Learning Management System and Hosting Solutions

If you don’t currently have an LMS or host for your online learning – or would prefer a more flexible solution, independent to your organisation’s system – then we can discuss options that are available and how they could integrate with (or stand alone from) your current systems.

Participatory design

Our participatory design approach ensures your input and feedback is included in all phases of design and development. Taking on the project of creating a new elearning course can be daunting but with our collaborative design approach, you have the guidance and expertise of elearning specialists throughout the process.


A group of people co-designing elearning


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