Is an industry leader, particulary in regards to online education and training. A consumate professional who simply does the job, and does it well.

Michael Hall - ACPET

You have an excellent capacity for analysing business requirements in the area of elearning and teaching. Your ability to quickly assess and understand our unique requirements for staff education in a dispersed and time-limited environment was evident in the way that you contextualised the programs developed for and with our staff. In particular, many of our staff benefited from participating in facilitation and elearning orientation programs developed by eLearn Australia. "

Rosemary Gore - Qld Ambulance Service

Where do I start?

The essential things that you need to get started:-

  • Access to the internet for yourself and your students.
  • A plan of what you want to do and how you might achieve it.
  • Good advice and guidance from people who understand education and training in Australia.
  • A way of delivering eLearning and tracking student progress.

Call us on 0754427002.  Good advice costs nothing.


Justifiably proud

Checkout our Case Studies

eLearn Australia has delivered some pretty impressive project outcomes for our clients. There are some case studies on this website that will give you an indication of what we can do for you.

eLearn in the Cloud

We host and support your eLearning

Our eLearning Incubator helps you to get a head start in eLearning without having to buy expensive technology.  Our people become your technical department, leaving you to get on with what you do best - teaching and training. What's even better, you are supported by Australians, onshore in Australia.

No hype zone

We are educators first and elearning specialists second.

Our philosophy is 'the right technology to support the learning strategy'   not 'bells and whistles because they are there'.
So much of elearning is explained in techno-babble.  eLearn Australia will never baffle you with jargon.  Our people are teachers and trainers first and technical specialists last.  We speak plain English.  You will always be helped to find the solutions that meet your needs within your budget and technical capabilities.

Our priority is YOU

You are our #1 Priority

Everything we do revolves around the needs of your students and your business.  Every resource we create is aimed at ensuring that the worker who completes training at your organisation is work ready.  Every strategic plan we help you to build is aimed at making you successful.  Your success is our success.  Once an eLearn Australia person, always an eLearn Australia person.  We're here to help long after the project is complete. Because we know eLearning is a journey, not a destination.